Long House

The long house is designed for sharing, reading and salons. The entrance is through an anonymous door next to an olive tree. The first room entered is a living room which has a large window towards the front courtyard and a half a level higher platform which is an intermediate space between a double height library and the living room. The library can be opened to the living room providing natural light from the large roof light above the tall central space, or it can be closed to provide an intimate study space in the middle of the house.

Taneli Mansikkamäki
Joy Sriyuksiri

Next to the library there are slender white steel staircases which further create openness to the middle of the house. The kitchen and dining room sits approximately a meter higher than the living room to provide space for a basement underneath. The kitchen has two large windows overlooking the garden.

First floor has another small living area which opens to the double height library and a view can be enjoyed from the rooflight above the staircase. The snug can be opened or closed with a sliding door for privacy. Two equally sized bedrooms with an on-suite bathrooms are on either side of the small living area.