Helsinki, Finland

A competition proposal for a new kindergarten building in central Helsinki. The proposed volume fits naturally into the northern edge of the plot, clearly defining the space between Rajasaarentie and Sibelius park. Like the apartment blocks on nearby Linnankoskenkatu, the building is directly connected to the street, creating an urban environment by bordering the streetscape with its unified façade. The abstract formal language is appropriate for a modern district in Töölö. The facades are reduced throughout, creating tension between the folds of the roof and the vistas.

The structure of the building consists of five trapezoids, which also define the exterior form. These geometric shapes enclose the different daycare groups, structuring the house into smaller, more human-scale sections. Each kindergarten group has its own roof although the entrances are shared between the different groups.

Competition Team

Taneli Mansikkamäki
Julian Bächle
Janghee Lee
Ron-fu Yeh