Interdependence Venue

Interdependence venue is a conversion of an existing ground floor shop in Berlin into a flexible space to work and broadcast. Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst work with the non-physical mediums of sound, digital art, and machine learning. As their produced art forms and tools are spatially invisible to the eye, their production space is not acting as a container of technological hardware or a depository of physical objects. Spaces are kept free and flexible but yet at the same time they are defined through very specific opposing properties such as open-secluded, silent-loud, and large-small. These properties were enhanced by the choreography of small architectural gestures and room-scale furniture.

Project Team
Taneli Mansikkamäki, Julian Bächle, Ron-fu Yeh

Site Management
Heiner von Alberti

Ilias Lefas

Max Creasy